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I’ve been to Lockhouse Restaurant twice in the past two months and it’s a restaurant I will definitely go back to again. I’ll tell you why.

Located in the Paddington Basin, just a stone’s throw away from Paddington Station, Lockhouse is a place with great food and great service with great prices in a very cool and rustic industrial setting. With floor to ceiling windows overlooking out onto the basin, Lockhouse is the perfect place in that area to while away the hours while eating good and filling food.

On one visit in April with three other friends (it was Easter weekend), we sat a large table right in the middle of the room and had an amazingly great brunch. It was their excellent value £5 sandwich menu they drew us, particularly me, in. I had the huge Rotisserie chicken club (with bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato and herbed mayo) and it is the best value in town – big and delicious. My friend Bob had the never seen in a British restaurant Ruebens Club (pastrami, cheese, gherkin, sauerkraut and relish) and he relished it! Alistair had the nice looking American Pancake Stack (with bacon) – a great deal at £7 while Russell had the smallish Eggs Benedict (at £8.50 it’s a bit pricey for what you get).

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